Canada deployed troops, fighters and a frigate to protect the Baltic states

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister announced at the NATO summit in Warsaw, Poland, the deployment of "the most important continuous military presence in Europe Canada in over 10 years."

The Liberal government renews commitment to provide six CF-18 fighter aircraft to the NATO mission

About 450 Canadian soldiers deployed gradually in Latvia since the beginning of 2017 to form a multinational battle group of 1,000 soldiers. Canada, who wants to lead the battalion, has hardened its deterrent forces against Russia.

Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States will deploy similar battalions in the other two Baltic countries and Poland.

The military will be prepared to fight although it is unlikely to do so, said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The Chief of Staff, Jonathan Vance, insists that this is not a provocation and that the country wants to maintain dialogue with Russia.

In addition to providing light armored vehicles and a Canadian frigate in the region, six fighters carried out a "periodic monitoring" and "aviation activities" in Europe. The last deployment of Canadian combat aircraft in the region dates back to 2014.

The Foreign Minister, Stéphane Dion, will visit Latvia on Monday, for, among others, find a place to set up the command center.

These commitments are the renewed mandate of Canada as part of the "Peace" operation in Central and Eastern Europe.

- "Canada plays an important and constructive role in the world."

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

CBC / Radio Canada