This province of Canada provides employment for Mexicans

The province of Quebec is looking for Mexican workers
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The Canadian province of Quebec is seeking qualified Mexican workers and students to fill some vacancies that are required in the state and one of the main requirements is that you must speak French.

To tell the Quebec site in the Head, the province of Quebec is looking for specialized mainly in the field of industrial manufacturing, information technology and telecommunications, which is why it launched the call workers.

Through recruiting mission of Quebec International, the government allows Latin Americans recruited to obtain permits to work full time for one to three years, with opportunities for domestic partners and children.

Furthermore, according to the site mentioned, after 12 months of work full-time, contract workers could apply for permanent residence by the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

The selection process of the Quebec government will take place from August 29 until September 2 this year. Mexican applicants for employment should take the following steps to apply for vacancies: Enter the official site www.quebecenlacabeza.com, check job offers and apply for vacancies that meet your profile.

According to the site, these six companies, job seekers could be accommodated and are as follows:

Abacus: A company seeking qualified and trained in the technology sector professionals. It is responsible for creating the links between IT best talent worldwide and strategic positions of companies in Quebec.
TelDig: It is a leading provider of software solutions for preventing damage. It develops, markets and maintains several suites of bilingual programs for preventing damage to underground infrastructure and incidents.
L-IPSE: It is an IT consulting firm known for its expertise, service excellence and professional human approach.
Megatech: It is a precision machine shop to manufacture small parts in Canada, highly accurate low volume and high complexity.
Systematix; It is a company that offers consulting services within the disciplines of information and technology management.
DialogInsight: This company develops and implements digital marketing programs for customer acquisition, data analysis and customized communication solutions that improve the effectiveness of campaigns.
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